If you have a question, it might be answered here! If not, feel free to contact us!

Is Your Club 18+ only?

Yes, you must be 18 years or older to participate in events.

Are your events Quest Compatible?

No, right now our events are PC only. We are working on making our new world Quest Compatible.

How Can I Attend Events?

To attend events, please join our Discord server and add our VRChat host account (we don't hold events through groups). You must be verified in our server in order to add our host account.

How can I apply for staff?

Please visit our Discord server to apply for staff positions. You must be verified in our server in order to apply.

Do you have to be verified to join the club?

No, you only need to be age verified for lap dance events/NSFW events.

Are you accepting of everyone?

Yes! Our club is a drama-free, safe space. We are LGBTQ+ & Furry friendly - All VRChat users are welcome!

Can I join the VRChat Group?

Yes! Anyone can join the VRChat group but please note that we don't use it for events.

Are You Affiliated with VRChat?

No, we as a group are not affiliated with VRChat or the VRChat team. All of our events are privately ran.

My question isn't answered here! What do I do?

If you still have further questions, you can visit our help center in our Discord server or you can ask Arya directly by visiting our Contact page.